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Reguse End User License Agreement


The Company aims to provide only the best software products that are capable of resolving all computer problems, in addition to providing, overall, a problem free and therefore more enjoyable computer and Internet experience for the end user. The available software products on our web page, in addition to any files that may later become available to you by the Company to update, “patch,” or otherwise modify the software program, in addition to any accompanying electronic documentation and any and all such copies and/or derivative works of the aforementioned software program and documentation are all copyright the Company. The available software is distributed solely for usage by any and all end users who are authorized to use such programs and who agree that the software is governed by this End User License Agreement (herein also detailed as the “License Agreement” or simply “Agreement”).

Any user who reproduces, modifies or distributes this software without express written authorization by the Company is expressly prohibited from such and we may seek legal advice and a “cease and desist.” 1.Grant to a Limited License. The Company grants you (the “End User”) access to a limited license that of which is subject to the terms and conditions of this License Agreement and that of which is neither exclusive nor transferable. It does not in any way grant the right to sublicense.

This limited license does allow the End User to use and/or evaluate the software program in question in accordance with this document in addition to any other Company written agreement. Ergo, the End User has simply purchased the right the use this software. The Company will and does not transfer the title of any such software to the End User. In the event that you disagree with any part of these documented terms and conditions to this License Agreement, you are hereby required to cease and desist the installation of, and the usage of, this software and are also hereby required to remove all traces of the software from your computer.

2.Additional Limitations of License. The license that of which is granted to the End User in Section 1 is, at all times, subject to the limitations that of which are set forth in both Sections 1 and 2 (collectively, these are the “License Limitations”). Any usage of the software program in question that comes in direct or indirect violation of these License Limitations may and will be regarded as an infringement of the Company’s copyrights in and to the software.

You agree that, no matter what the circumstances, you will never: whole or in part, reproduce, translate, copy, photocopy, derive source code from, disassemble, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, sell, lend, lease, give, or otherwise create derivative works that of which are based on the software; this is provided, however, that the End User is allowed to make a single (1) copy of this software and its accompanying documentation (if any) for the purposes of archiving only; or 2.modify or make any such modifications to the software files unless under the expressed written authorization of the Company. For more information about this software, please contact the Company at .

3.User Agreement 1.Usage of Evaluation Version. The End User is granted the right to evaluate this software without the prerequisite of purchasing a license (i.e., the “Evaluation Version”) for a certain predetermined number of days which are indicated by and permitted by the Company, or the End User may have access, with limitation, to a number of the features and partial functionality of this software. In order to gain more access, such as continuing using these, or all, features in addition to full functionality of the software, it is necessary to purchase a license from the Company. For any questions and/or information regarding the purchase of a license in order to fully use the software, please contact the Company at 2.Activation of Software.

In the event that the End User does purchase a license from the Company for the purposes of continuing the usage of this software, the End User may or will be required to activate the software in question by way of the Internet. This activation is a necessary technological measure that is designed within the software in order to avoid the unlicensed use of this software. The Company does not collect any sort of personally identifiable information and only uses these measures to ensure the End User is operating the software with a valid license. 3.Distribution.

The Evaluation Version of this software is the only form of this software that may be freely distributed, under the conditions that: the distribution of such software does not include any other software and only includes the original software that of which is supplied by the Company. In no way is the End User allowed to add and/or delete files or in any other way make any modifications; there is no misrepresentation in regards to the nature of the Evaluation Version of the software; under no circumstance is the End User allowed to profit by way of charging for the distribution of the Evaluation Version of this software, outside of any reasonable cost of packaging and any other applicable overhead. the End User informs the Company by way of either email or written notice that the End User will be distributing the Evaluation Version of the software and provided that the End User also receives a written confirmation from the Company authorizing such distribution to take place.

In the event that such software is under the distribution along with other hardware, software or other media, it is required to receive written authorization by the Company first and foremost. The End User may or will also be required to report the number of units of such software have been distributed to date every so often. 4.Use. The license that the Company grants to the End User is subject to limitations, such as the length of time which it is active. Upon the expiration of this license, if the End User wishes to continue the usage of all features and functionality of this software, a license renewal purchase will be required. At no time are other users granted the right to copy, use and/or evaluate copies of the licensed software.

Other users must evaluate by way of an Evaluation Version located at 5.Restrictions of Usage. The End User will only use this software as long as it is in compliance with any and all applicable English Law and not for the purposes of any unlawful activities. Each license that of which is purchased grants the use of a single copy this software that of which is to be used on one (1) single computer or workstation, unless it is otherwise authorized herein. “Use” refers to the loading of, the installation of, and/or the running of such software on a personal computer or other similar device. Should this software be installed on a multiuser platform, network or server, every single copy of the software is required to have separate licenses or must be included as part of a multi-site license in order to be granted the right to access any and all features of the software.

As previously mentioned, if at any time this licensed software is assigned, networked, sold, sublicensed or distributed, the End User is violation of the strict policy of this document unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Company. It is a direct violation of the End User License Agreement to assign, lend, sell, share, lease, rent, borrow, transfer or network the usage of this software when licensed. In the event any user other than you are functioning the software that of which is registered under your name, regardless of the fact that it is being used at the same or different times, the License Agreement is under direct violation and you are solely responsible for this violation. 6.Restriction of Copyright.

The Company holds the copyright to this software, which contains trade secrets or other proprietary material. Under no circumstances is the End User granted the right to, or attempt to, reverse engineer, modify, decompile or disassemble the software. At no time is the End User granted the right to create derivative works from the software, nor create works based upon or derived from such software, either in whole or in part. The Company and Software name, logo and graphics file which represent the software may not and will not be used to promote any products at any time that are developed with our software. The Company will always retain the sole and exclusive ownership of the copyrights and interests in and to such software as well as any Intellectual Property rights that of which relate thereto.

This software is under the protection of both copyright law and international copyright treaty provisions. At no point may the program, part, code, image or any text be copied or used outside of the bounds of this End User License Agreement. Any and all rights that of which are not expressly granted hereunder are solely and exclusively reserved for the Company. 7.Limitation of Responsibility. The End User will hold harmless, indemnify and defend the Company, its agents, its distributors and its employees under any and/or all claims that are connected to the use of this software registered under the End User’s name. The Company will never, in any event, be held liable for any damages, be it consequential, indirect, incidental, special or punitive, including, but not limited to, the loss of profits, business interruption, the loss of information or data, the loss of use or pecuniary loss in regards to the relation of this Agreement, this software or the usage or inability to use such software, or the performance of any such matters hereunder regardless of contract, tort, or any theory including negligence.

The Company’s sole liability is limited to the reimbursement of such software, less any applicable taxes and/or shipping fees in exchange for the prompt return of the product, all copies and its license, unless such software was purchased outside of In the event that the End User purchased this license from an outside source, reimbursements must be sought at the reseller, retailer, distributor or other third party in question.

THE COMPANY DOES NOT, IN ANY WAY, GUARANTEE THAT THIS SOFTWARE WILL FUNCTION WITH EVERY COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEM REGISTRY ENTRY, NOR ANY OF ITS ASSOCIATED FILES. THE COMPANY LIKEWISE DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE FILES WILL BE IDENTIFIED AND/OR REMOVED BY THE SOFTWARE. 8.Warranties. Unless expressly stated by an authorized employee of the Company in writing, in no way does the Company make representation or warranty in relation to this software and likewise excludes any other warranties, be it oral, written, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantable quality that of which are implied or suggested.

In the event that any provision of this End User License Agreement is to be deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, then such provision will be considered severable from this document and thus no longer affect either the enforceability or validity of any of the other provisions.

10.Termination. An End User who fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this End User License Agreement will be required to cease the usage of this software and destroy all copies thereof immediately, and will have the license of such software automatically and immediately terminated. Any and all financial obligations that of which are incurred by the End User will survive either the termination of, or the expiration of, the license in question. 4.Consent to Usage of Data. By using this software, you consent to the Company’s potential collection and usage of information that of which is transmitted by you by way of the software and/or is gathered in any manner which is part of the product services that may and will be provided to you, if any.

In no way are you obligated to transmit information in regards to reporting any and all parasites and/or malicious files and can opt out of doing so by not consenting when prompted. The Company also retains the right to use any information that of which is collected by you in order to provide notices to you that of which may be of use and/or interest to you. This software contains Internet based services. As such, by using the software, you agree that the Company may sometimes automatically check the version of such software and, if necessary, provide updates, upgrades and/or fixes for the software. To receive these updates, upgrades and/or fixes, it is necessary to agree to download when prompted. You are not obligated to download these updates, upgrades and/or fixes. At no time does the Company collect personally identifiable information throughout the duration of this process. Please contact us at [email protected] Our company name is Honlyn Limited. You may uninstall our software by going to Start - All Programs - Reguse - Uninstall option to remove our software. Our privacy policy is located at