Features: The Makeup of The Best? Reguse is customer orientated. The flexible nature of Our Software adapts to the individual needs of every user. Settings in the user-friendly control panel permit precise hand cleaning and optimizing of the registry.

The same control panel can be programmed to automate a complete and through registry scanning and cleaning process. Schedule weekly scans, monthly scans, or daily scans.

The hands-on control panel opens user doors so that you can track ongoing scans, remove unnecessary software, or even regulate the PC’s startup menu. On the other hand, those who are short on time can simply place Reguse into background mode and enjoy the end results of a cleaned and optimized system registry.

Reguse is performance reliable, compatible with all current Windows operating systems, and packed with extra features such as automatic registry backup and restore. Reguse will keep your registry clean and ensure that your computer remains fast and dependable.

The Windows Registry: An Inside Look!

A computer operating system controls computer activities: information flow, resource allotment, running processes, device instructions, and other internal and external communication needs. In order to accomplish this rather daunting task, the operating system must have some means of organizing the various components of the ongoing processes. Microsoft Windows does this through a data file called the Registry.


Working through the operating system, installed software accesses, uses, and changes previously recorded registry data. From time to time, a running program may modify the registry data at an inopportune time. When registry changes are interrupted, or when an uninstall routine fails to accomplish all that it should, the registry becomes cluttered, enlarged, and contaminated. The longer these registry problems remain unchecked, the higher the risk of a system crash.

Keep The Work Simple! RegUse is a powerful, professional registry management and cleaning software. Why live with a sick PC? Why struggle with the headache of hand corrections? A cluttered registry affects PC performance. RegUse fixes the problems. Make it happen the easy way.

Software Features: A Close-up Look!

· Application References: RegUse searches the registry for incorrect program path settings, and then corrects the erroneous references thus reducing program failures. · Scanning: RegUse provides programmable scanning for automatic protection. You set the time: daily, weekly, monthly, or at system startup. The software takes care of the rest. · Registry Holes: Uninstalling software leaves gaps (holes) in the registry. RegUse scans for these registry holes, finds them, cleans up the mess and reduces registry clutter. · Com/Activex errors: Activex and Com files also create registry Keys and Values. When inaccurately assigned, these components create data loss and system crashes. RegUse automatically removes these errors.

Windows 7 Compatible! Start with the oldest and move to the most recent. RegUse is compatible with the Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. The best just gets better; RegUse is the premium choice for registry management software.

Reguse is concerned about your satisfaction and software needs. We are here to help. Have you lost your License Key? Open the link http://www.reguse.com/members.aspx. Input an up-to-date email address. The appropriate information will be sent to your valid email address.